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We do not make our clients wait for us all day long. We respect your time. And respect ours. So the best and most convenient solution is to have our tech on spot within ONE hour.

You will not miss an important meeting or event you planned before. Another best solution is to schedule our visit at any time convenient for you. This way you will be sure to have your appliance repaired and still have time to do your pre-planned things. As a rule, most of breakdowns are not serious and can be fixed the same day and the first visit.

Our specialists have all necessary parts and with high probability we can say that your appliance will keep perfectly operating. As soon as the repair is completed, you are welcome to review and test the appliance to your satisfaction in presence of our tech. Of course, there are rare cases when the appliance is severely damaged and requires a thorough technical attention. We can manage even so complicated cases but such types of repairs might involve additional efforts and resources, for example, time to have a specially ordered part supplied (1+ days), additional visits and diagnosis, etc.

Since we run a licensed and insured business with all required certificates and approvals we always try and find the most effective and economy solution for you.


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